Our offices

New York

900 Broadway, New York
NY 10003 - 646.556.8126

Los Angeles

1426 Main St, Venice
CA 90291 - 310.581.9905


Megan Kelly

Founder / Managing Partner

Cary Murnion

Executive Creative Producer

Tiffany Che

Head of Production

Desiree Tolchin

Development and Production Coordinator

Jessica Millington

Global Cruise Director


East Coast Hello Tomorrow

Mary Eiff

Michelle Stuart

Mackenzie Bergin

Midwest Sharon & Perry

Sharon Swanson

Perry Tongate

West Coast T-Reps

Tracy Fetterman

Jeanie DiMaggio

Australia The Producers

Noelle Jones

Tanya Spencer

Victoria Conners

Canada Sparks Productions

Andy Crosbie