United Airlines Rhapsody Remastered

Directed by
Adam Donald

360i and United Airlines were looking for a partner to bring their vision to life. How to update the iconic “Rhapsody in Blue” which had been a part of United’s advertising since 1987. They wanted to introduce it to a new generation and give it a more global sound and reach.

In order to accomplish this, they needed to seek and find up and coming musicians in 4 global cities who could bring something unique to Gershwin’s classic. They would be tasked to compose and perform the re-mastered piece, as well as be the subjects of a mini-documentary.


4 shoots, 4 cities, 8 shoot days, a six week schedule, 20 deliverables, 4 fully produced music tracks to be launched hosted on spotify / soundcloud

“This wasn’t you’re typical campaign and there was a lot of creative freedom to explore the stories and get to know these musicians in their own environment. I spent my early career directing music videos and following around musicians so I was really excited to elevate this project to the next level. I’ve been introducing a lot of mixed-media and various formats into my personal work and I wanted to do the same for this, the end result was to create a sort of visual tapestry with different formats and textures. I knew that it would give the stories a lot of depth and would make it seem as though we spent a lot of time with the artists, even though we only had two shoot days for each. I also wanted to use color in a very specific way to reflect the style and tone of each artist. I decided to light everything very bold and chromatic using specific complimentary colors to enhance the space as they created their music. This juxtaposed all of the lifestyle footage we captured in the cities these artists live in.” – Adam Donald