Jamila Short Film – directed by Ariel Danziger and Adam Donald

Ariel Danziger, Charlie Gross, and Adam Donald came together and collaborated on a unique short film. JAMILA tells the transformational story of Jamila Brooklyn Pratt, a transgender woman who settles in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn with the dream of becoming her true self but in the likeness of her idol, the rapper Lil’ Kim. Jamila suffers through poverty and alienation as a young gay man until she decides to undergo what becomes a decade long odyssey in plastic surgery and lifestyle choices in order to fulfill her fantasy. The film blends her own memories, reflections, and the environment with elements of the music video she always wanted to star in. During the course of filming, Jamila finally comes face to face with Lil’ Kim bringing up poignant questions of what is next when she has gone to such lengths to emulate her.

Click here Jamila can be watched at the Nowness

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