Multiple: Nike, Diesel, Lionsgate, GE, Toyota, and more Animation / VFX / Motion Graphics / Tabletop / Skeleton Crew

Directed by
Cary & Jon

Cary & Jon directed and wrote this animation for a promo for their feature film 'Cooties' released by Lionsgate

Cary & Jon directed and wrote this animation for Toyota Financial Services

Cary & Jon directed and wrote this animation for GE

For this spot for Capital One, Cary & Jon filmed these two musicians on a green screen and then designed and animated all of the CG themselves and composited in post

For this film for Nike's World Cup campaign, Cary & Jon traveled around the US with a crew of two (themselves) and filmed these soccer players doing tricks. A producer coordinated their travel and location permits from NYC and set them up with local soccer players.

Cary & Jon directed and shot this spot for Cholula which consisted of tabletop shots of food and simple live action on colored backdrops

Promo for the launch of the novel 'Ready Player One' which was later turned into the movie directed by Steven Spielberg

Opening film titles shot and animated by Cary & Jon. All of the chicken close-ups were filmed in a warehouse in Brooklyn with a crew of 4 people. Cary & Jon animated the titles themselves.

Cary & Jon traveled between NYC, Massachusetts and Connecticut to film this short film for Diesel. They were a crew of three (Cary, Jon and a PA).