The Noel Broyd Show - Ep.1 Comedy Series

Directed by
Cary & Jon


Noel has wanted to have his own late-night talk show since he was a little kid. He’s taking this opportunity of having so much downtime to finally follow through on this life-long dream. We meet Noel as he’s trying to convince his friends to help him out, even though they have no experience, and really not that much interest, in creating a show. But hey, Noel is their friend, so they’ll do what they can when they have the time. And we get to watch them try. While they’re all quarantined. 

The Noel Broyd Show is a comedic TV series that is produced, written, directed, shot and edited 100% during quarantine.


  • Everything is shot on an iPhone and self-recorded by each actor
  • We then review the footage and give them notes if we feel like scenes aren’t working
  • We then take the footage and edit it all together. It’s an amazing editing feat, taking footage shot at completely separate times and making it feel like it’s real-time

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